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Art by Alex Maleev

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The Little Mermaid TV Series: Gabriella

Remember when Disney had a cute, disabled, poc mermaid?

When i was younger, one of my best friends was a deaf guyanese girl, and her fave princess was Ariel, mainly bc she related to her living without a voice (and her love of swimming)

When this episode aired, she cried and squawked and made sounds that were almost understandable… She saw herself as a mermaid, on tv, with her favourite character of all time

Representation matters, always, no matter what

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Ten Major Artists:

Wong Wong & Lu Lu

Wong Wong & Lulu

Pepper gazing into the mirror before a self-portrait

Pepper examining himself before commencing a self-portrait

Pepper painting his self-portrait

Pepper’s self-portrait


Tiger the spontaneous reductionist

Misty in action

Misty goes off the wall

Minnie: abstract expressionist

Minnie, the abstract expressionist

Minnies finished work

Minnie’s Reindeer in Provence, 1992.

Smokey contemplating

Smokey painting after an hour in the catnip patch

Smokey painting after an hour in the catnip patch

Smokey at work

Ginger's 'Stripped Bare Birds', 1992.

Ginger’s Stripped Bare Birds, 1992.

Princess' 'Regularly Ridiculed Rodents', 1993.

Princess, the elemental fragmentist

Charlie the peripheral realist

Charlie, the peripheral realist

this literally makes me so happy

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How to construct Alternate Universes that work as fanfic by Rat Creature

[…] because the point of AUs is to explore canon by diverging from it. This part of their relation to the source defines them as AU. Only when the divergence — sometimes radical, sometimes small — is pointless and not related to an exploration of the source, the AU will fail to work as fanfic. Even though the link between the AU and the canon is still there, the reader can’t make sense of why this divergence was chosen, what the point of it all is. So the question of divergence is never really one of “how far” but always one of “how well” and “how deliberate”. If there are compelling reasons to change canon or even characterization in a certain way, the AU will be successful in exploring canon and characterization, and thus successful as fanfic, even if it is diverging widely. However if the changes are arbitrarily or pointless the AU will fail, even if the changes are small.

If you know me outside of Tumblr you hear me complain about all kinds of badfics a lot, and pointless AUs are often my main source of annoyance. This article (from 2001, so some of the information is hilariously outdated) presents the best explanation of what a good Alternate Universe story should be, I wish more fic writers gave the matter some thought.

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this was supposed to say ohana means family autocorrect ruined a really beautiful moment

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